Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nudu Natural Skincare

Makeup Maniacs, today I wanted to share the experiences I've had while using a few products by Nudu Natural Skincare.

Elizabeth, who works for the company, was kind enough to contact me back at the end of March. I agreed to try some of the products and she agreed to send me some samples. The wonderful part about this exchange was that I was never obligated to do a review or give feedback. I have just decided on my own to talk about 5 out of the 6 items Elizabeth sent me. I've been using these items for the past 2 weeks and here are my thoughts: 

The "Cream Cleanser" - This is a very creamy cleanser that is supposed to be good for all skin types. (My skin is normal to combo) It contains pineapple, pomegranate, hyaluronic acid, and botanical oils. This face cleanser is good for removing makeup and it does not lather. The non-lathering part is what I didn't like about it. I also felt like it left a film on my skin after rinsing.

The  "Reviving Toner" - Again, this product is supposed to work for all skin types. It contains botanicals, glycerin, and coconut oil. Before using this, you must shake it so that the ingredients mix well. This smelled like lemons to me and I enjoyed the way it seemed to clean my pores, as well as, moisturize my skin. This toner seemed to "remove" that film left behind by the Cream Cleanser.

The "Eye Cream" - This is the product I liked the most. It contains cucumber and hyaluronic acid which really calm and moisturize the delicate under eye area.  I gently smoothed this on and it just seemed to "erase" the day's stress.

The "Gentle Moisturizer" - Contains peach, camellia and kiwi oils, as well as, hyaluronic acid. It has a light scent to it. This moisturizer is not necessarily heavy, but does seem to take long to sink into the skin. I enjoyed this moisturizer, as it seemed to soften my skin without making me look greasy. I could wear this under makeup without an issue.

The "Cleansing & Exfoliating Sponge" - This is made from 100% organic konjac vegetable and is to be used every 2nd or 3rd day for exfoliating the skin. I think this did a good job of cleaning out my pores without stripping my skin of it's natural oils. After using it, my skin did seem brighter.

Overall, my two weeks using these Nudu Natural Skincare products, went rather well. I was pleasantly surprised. My skin seemed to acclimate to the products quickly and I suffered no breakouts. I am happy with my experience.  If you're interested in any of the items I mentioned, or just want to know more about Nudu, please check them out http://www.nudu.com

Have you ever tried Nudu? If yes, let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment!

'Til next time...