Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Confessions from a Beauty Lover

Hi Makeup Maniacs!  Today I have a quick post.  I just wanted to vent about my obsession with beauty products.  Honestly, I don't spend hours in the mirror analyzing every nook and cranny of my mug, but I truly love trying different makeup and skin care brands on a regular basis.

I wake up every day excited to put a makeup look together with the latest in cosmetics.  I get happy when I'm able to match my "face" with my clothing. 

This kind of enthusiasm has made me realize that, at the ripe age of 42, beauty is something I'd love to make a career.  I am now taking some online coursework and learning different makeup application techniques.  Eventually, I will take courses in a traditional, classroom setting.

I would love to get paid for making other women look and feel pretty.  I would love to assist with coming up with ideas for cosmetics companies.  I would love to write editorials for magazines or other blogs. 

If you have any advice for me on how I can improve on this journey into the beauty field, please leave me a comment down below. 

Thanks for listening...until next time


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