Monday, March 30, 2015

5 Makeup Trends for Spring 2015

Can you Makeup Maniacs believe that Spring starts on March 20th?!  Already?  Boy, time sure does fly.
I've been reading some Spring issues of fashion magazines that I'm subscribed to (Elle, Vogue, and Cosmo) and I've noticed a few makeup trends that are repeated throughout each one.  Here, I will talk about 5 different makeup trends for Spring 2015!
#1.     Minimalist
Yes, that "barely there" makeup look from the 1990's is back!  Women are going back to the basics for the Spring!  Using foundation, mascara, light peach blush, and nude lipstick is a great way to achieve this look.  Here's an example of the Minimalist trend:
#2.     Brown Eyeshadow
In my opinion, the neutral brown eyeshadow look is never out of style, but I'm noticing that Spring trends are very classic looks all around.  Here, I used Lorac's shadows in "Mink" and "Cafe":
#3.     Purple Eyeshadow
My favorite color is in style this Spring!  Well, at least on the eyes it is.  I call this one the "Purple Nurple" look, Lol!
#4.     Fiery Lips
Orangey-red lipstick is also a great way to show that you are "in style" during Spring!  Here, I'm wearing "Adora" by  Kat Von D:
#5.     Smokey Eyes
Yes, another classic - the smokey eye is another Spring 2015 trend!  I love this look and it's not just for night time any more!
I hope you enjoyed my versions of these Spring makeup looks!  I love cosmetics and always want to share that love.  That's why I have a YouTube channel!  Definitely go check it out!  Click here to go to Mel's Makeup Mayhem  - my channel!  :-)

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