Monday, October 13, 2014

First Impressions ~ Essie Sleek Stick Stickers

Hi Makeup Maniacs!  I guess I've been trying a lot of new items, because I sure am doing a lot of "First Impressions" posts, Lol! 

Well, I have been very curious about these Essie Sleek Stick Stickers for the nails, because a lot of women on YouTube are hauling and wearing these.  Let me tell you, I got a steal of a deal on these.  At Target a pack will cost you $9.99!  I bought mine at my local Dollar Tree guessed it, ONE DOLLAR!  Yeah, baby :-)

essieĀ® sleek stick Stickers
Essie Sleek Stick Stickers in "croc'n chic"
At first I was skeptical about these things.  I worried that they would be difficult to apply and ruin my natural nails since my natural nails are quite weak, thin, and peel easily.  I thought putting these on my nails would make that situation worse, but I was soooo wrong!
So, not only was I able to apply these in 10 minutes, they stayed on for 4 day (s) with no major issues.
Application is quite easy and the directions, as well as, a small emery board, and small cuticle pusher are included in the package.  You have to wipe your clean, bare nails down with rubbing alcohol, wash your hands with soap, dry them well, push your cuticles back, and BOOM - apply.  

You choose the stickers that are the correct size for each finger, apply them, and smooth them out on your nail with your fingers.  After that, you fold the excess sticker over your nail and file the excess off using the enclosed emery board. The emery board helps to tear the excess sticker off and then you are left with nails that look as manicured as they do when you step out of the salon!

To remove them, you can just carefully peel them off.  Since my nails are weak, I first put some vitamin E oil on my nail beds to soften the stickers and then peeled. Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Even if these lasted one day, for the $1 I paid, it would be well worth it!  These are great for special occasions, or when you have no time or money for a professional manicure, but want those hands to look lovely!

On my 5 star scale with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst, I give these Essie Sleek Stick Stickers 5 stars!  With their simple application, staying power, and beautiful finish, these are definitely worth your money, particularly if you buy them at Dollar Tree!

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