Friday, September 19, 2014

My Top 5 Products Under $5

So {drum roll} these are my top 5 products that cost less than $5 (tax not included, LOL):
#5 - E. L. F. Essential Makeup Brushes (with the white handle) - Any of these brushes are excellent for the low price of $1.00 at your local Target store.  I have a bunch of them.  They wash well and if anything happens to one, it will only cost me a buck to replace it.
#4 - Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer in Sundance (027) - OK, this one's a little bit of a cheat.  I got this on sale for $3.99 but the original price is just a little above the "under $5" cut off.  But, this is a great bronzer for the price. It's not too light/not too dark.  It has minimal shimmer, because I am not too big on bronzers that sparkle. And guess what?  This sucka will only set you back $3.99 (on sale) when you purchase it from your neighborhood CVS.
#3 - EOS Lip Balm Sphere (many flavors, but my favorite is Strawberry Sorbet) - I carry one of these in my purse at all times.  This balm goes on smooth and doesn't feel heavy on the lips.  LOVE!  And, again, at Target it's $2.99.  Can you tell I shop at Target quite often?
#2 - Wet & Wild Eye Trios - You can't beat the price with a stick.  They cost anywhere between $2.49 and $2.99 at Walgreens. The pigmentation is great for the price that you are paying.  The colors vary and the company makes it easy to apply these bad boys by imprinting the words BROWBONE, CREASE, and EYELID right on the product!
#1 - NYX Butter Gloss - Hallelujah!  {Angels come down from the heavens}  These glosses are not sticky, they smell great, and they come in a boatload of colors.  Added bonus:  they are inexpensive, coming in at the higher end of my price range - $4.99 at Target - and WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.
Now go my makeup lovers - indulge in some not-so-expensive beauty items!

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