Friday, September 19, 2014

My Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

Are any of you Makeup Maniacs night owls??  Ah, that moment finally hits when you realize you should be getting ready to hit the sack.  You know you have to prepare for tomorrow, but first you must take care of that skin.
I wanted to give you an idea of  what my nighttime skin care ritual looks like - well, at least what it looks like these days, LOL!
Before getting in the shower, I wipe the days makeup off with makeup remover wipes. Recently, I've been using the ones by ELF.  They are affordable, sturdy, and a good size.  Then, I hop in the shower.  This is where I use my Clarisonic, along with a gentle natural cleanser like Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser, to wash and lightly exfoliate my mug.
Once I cleanse the rest of my body and I'm out of the shower, I use Up & Up (Target brand) Witch Hazel as a toner.  I don't feel it's necessary to spend money on fancy toners, when Witch Hazel does a pretty good job tightening, toning, and refreshing my face.
After that "toner" I put on some eye cream.  You are totally going to laugh at me, but for the past few weeks, Mel's Research Lab has actually been  using one eye formula on the right eye, and a different product on the left!  The things I do for my blog ;-) These products are totally different consistencies and one is not a "dupe" for the other.  My right eye is currently being slathered with Olay 7 in One Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, which is about $15.79 at Target.  The left eye is using the much fancier, more expensive Algenist with Alguronic Acid Complete Eye Renewal Balm.  This stuff is 65 bucks at Sephora!  But hang tight folks, I did not pay for the one I have.  It was a deluxe sample that I received by using my Sephora VIB Rouge points.  Honestly, I cannot tell the difference between the two eyes.  Yet.
Then it is on to moisturizing the face, neck and decollete.   Right now I'm using another sample.  It is a Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial. This stuff is so good!  The proteins and minerals are supposed to moisturize, smooth, and refresh the skin.  Not sure if I'd purchase a full size because it is kinda pricey - $45 at Sephora- OUCH!
From the face I move on to moisturizing the body and now that my Jergen's BB Body Cream has finished, I'm using Bath & Body Works lotion in the Forever Red scent.  Love this fragrance because it has pomegranate and vanilla undertones.
Thanks for joining me before bed.  And don't forget to check out my videos on YouTube.  Mel's Makeup Mayhem! is waiting for you...

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