Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's Talk About...Palettes

A palette is a range of colors used by an artist.  In this case the artist is YOU!
A makeup palette is a great way to have a variety of tools in one place so that you can create a masterpiece with your pretty face.  They usually consist of just eye shadows, but some makeup palettes contain shadows, blushes, and even lip stains!
Doesn't a makeup palette sound like a wonderful, magnificent thing?
Here are some of the palettes that I own:
The outside of the palettes
How the palettes look when opened
Some of these I haven't touched just yet, but I have used the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and the Lorac Pro-to-Go palette.  The Lorac one is great because it has 2 highlighters, 4 eyeshadows, a bronzer, and 2 blushes!  The only thing it lacks is something for the lips.  It seems like a great item to take when traveling.
I think investing in a good palette should be taken into consideration if you are really into this whole makeup thing.  If you already have some great palettes, tell me about them in the comments section.

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