Friday, September 19, 2014

Jenna Hipp Nail Polishes!

Makeup Maniacs, months ago I was shopping at Costco and spotted 2 mini nail polish collections by Jenna Hipp!  They cost $9.99 each and are so worth it!! 
Of course when I first scooped these up I wasn't sure how they were going to perform. After all, I had never heard of Jenna Hipp.  But 8 mini polishes and a cute nail file in each box, I couldn't resist.
Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  These polishes come in the prettiest colors.  They have cute names like "We Are Mint to Be" and "Jenna and the Giant Peach". 
The formula is liquid-y, but they dry fast and have great pigmentation.  When used with a good base coat and top coat (I used OPI's base & top coats), these polishes almost last a week without chipping.  Not bad in my opinion.
So, if you are at your local Costco's don't hesitate with these great finds!
We Are Mint to Be
Jenna and the Giant Peach
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