Friday, September 19, 2014

First Impressions ~ Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Conditioning Masque

So, have you tried this stuff?  YouTube made me buy this one.  It has been mentioned on various vlogs and I felt compelled to buy it when I saw it at Target.  Beware...this item has a steep price, about $28.  (I know, you think I'm nuts now, huh?) This is called Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Conditioning Masque and today was the first time I used it.  You use it the way you would use any conditioner after shampooing.  You leave it on for at least 7 minutes and then you rinse it out.
My first impression was that the consistency and color reminded me of when I mash ripe bananas to add them to pancake mix to make banana cinnamon pancakes for my kids.  So, it is pretty thick and yellowish.   I expected a nutty smell, but there is barely any scent.  Just a normal light, bland, perfumed scent.
After washing my hair I proceeded to slather this bad boy all over starting with the ends.  I combed it through my hair so that distribution would be even.  I left it in for at least 7 minutes, if not more, before rinsing it.  My hair didn't feel any different than it does when regular conditioner is used on my hair.
However, I did notice after towel drying my hair that my hair appeared wavier than it usually does after I wash and condition my hair. This is what it looked like -
My hair is not softer or shinier than normal, as far as I could tell.
So, overall, I think this is an overpriced conditioner that does nothing special than any other deep conditioning treatment.  Out of 5 stars - 5 being the best and 1 being the worst, I give this product 2.5 stars for its thick consistency and for making the natural wave in my hair appear more lively.  The downfalls are the lack of a distinct scent and it's price.

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