Monday, November 3, 2014

Nails of the Day!

Hi Makeup Maniacs! I am not the best at nails and I certainly don't have a large nail polish collection, but I do like to see my hands and feet well manicured.  I love when fingernails and toenails match.  I notice that one color in my small collection always seems to stand above the rest, especially during fall and winter.  And that is Essie's classic color called, "Wicked".

This is one of those blood red colors that looks black.  It's quite lovely and goes well with any type of clothing.  I definitely consider this a "cult classic" and a "must have" for any cosmetics junkie or makeup maniac!

I hope you liked my Nails of the Day!  For even more fun, watch some of my vids on YouTube. Give me some positive feedback and let me know if there is a certain look you'd like for me to do a tutorial for!  Mel's Makeup Mayhem!

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