Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Take Off the MASK!

Hi Makeup Maniacs!  I know I've mentioned the fact that I was involved in a makeup challenge with a few of my friends.  Each day during the month of September, we would have a theme and would have to adhere to the theme as far as makeup, clothing, and accessories.

On September 24, the theme happened to be "No Makeup".  So each of us had to post an image of ourselves without makeup.  OH, THE HORROR!  All of my followers who associate me with a beauty blog and beauty channel, would witness the truth.  Me without a "mask".

I had appeared on my YouTube channel without makeup prior to this makeup challenge, so this was not a novel idea. But I do remember the way I felt when I appeared on my YT channel without makeup for the first time - very insecure and a bit afraid. But I realized that I was more worried about the expectations other folks had of me.  As a whole, women, especially women over 35, are not supposed to leave the house without makeup.

This is not my opinion, but that of society.  I mean, why else would the beauty industry be a multi-billion dollar industry, if not for women over 35?  Most young women can't afford to buy this stuff on a continuous basis.  Think about it.

My point here friends is that it is OK to take off your mask. And that goes for not only your makeup "mask", but the mask you may hide behind every day. The "I'm happy" (but really not happy) mask, the "I'm OK" (but I really need a hug) mask, and the "I don't need help" (but I REALLY do need help) mask that many of us ladies wear daily.  It's OK to be you, it's OK to be natural, it's OK to need help, it's OK to be angry, and it's definitely OK to run to the grocery store without a face full of makeup.  Yes, it really is.

LOOK AT ME!!  I'M MAKEUP FREE!! (Be gentle, I'm 41! LOL!)

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