Monday, October 6, 2014

Simple Fall Look for Medium Skin Tones

Well, Makeup Maniacs, it's officially Fall!  Those clocks go back and the weather gets cooler.  As far as cosmetics, the colors tend to get darker.  However, I'm not big into keeping "on trend".  I think one can sport whatever colors whenever they want.  But I did want to give you a simple look for autumn using some colors in my collection.  I feel these would go well on any skin tone, but particularly on those with medium skin tones.  

I actually did a YouTube post about this same topic, if you'd like to take a peek...Simple Fall Looks with Your Skin Tone in Mind :-)

I basically did my primer, foundation, eyebrows, mascara, and contouring as usual.  Then, I lightly shaded my eye lids with Almay's Shadow Softie in "Moss" This green really brings out the gold undertones in medium skin.

Instead of blush, I decided to put on some highlight using Wet & Wild's Fergie Centerstage in "Rose Champagne Glow" The highlight adds a beautiful radiance to the skin.

To top it off, I put on a peachy, neutral color on the lips to keep the look feminine and neutral.  I used Revlon Colorburst in "Peach Parfait"

In my video, I discuss different products for those with light skin, olive skin, and deep skin as well, so if you are interested click that link above.  

What colors do you wear during this time of year?  Let me know in the comments section.  :-) 

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