Thursday, October 30, 2014

8 Makeup Items ALL 40-ish Women Should Own!

OK Makeup Maniacs, I want to talk about 8 cosmetics that should be in the lives of every woman who is 40 and over.  I am not trying to "sell" you on the items that I so happen to mention, I am just using them as examples of products that I like.  I want you to get a feel for what I think is truly essential to to a great makeup routine for those 40-ish folks out there.  So, without further ado, here I go...

#1.    Face primer
Face primer is designed to be worn under liquid or powder foundations.  A face primer is important because it evens out your skin tone, smooths out fine lines, and neutralizes discoloration.  When choosing a primer, be sure that it is gentle and free of harsh chemicals.  One that I really like is Benefit's The Porefessional.

#2.    A light coverage foundation
A BB cream is a good choice here.  These are great because not only do they act as a foundation, they also act as a primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and concealer. When you use a BB cream, you can actually skip the skin primer.  These products are light and great for day to day wear.  I personally like to wear BB Creams on the weekends. They contain antioxidants and ingredients, such as, licorice that help even out skin.  One BB Cream that I like is by Tarte.  The coverage is excellent, it blends well, and it goes on smoothly.

#3.    A long-wearing, medium to full coverage foundation
This is great for a long work day or for a fun night out.  Not only does foundation act as a barrier against environmental pollutants, but it helps even out your skin, making redness and age spots less visible, which helps you feel more confident about your appearance. A good, long-wearing foundation is MAC's Studio Fix Fluid. (YES!  I finally bought/tried some MAC products)

#4.    Concealer
The name says it all.  Because it is thicker than foundation, it is better at hiding dark spots.  It can help you look well rested when you really aren't and will even out your skin even more so than foundation alone.  The key is to buy a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation.  A great, inexpensive concealer is NYC's Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer.  
#5.    Brow Color
Filling in eyebrows is a MUST, especially as we age.  Our brows get sparse with time and making them appear more "natural" draws people's eyes upward.  That lifting effect gives us a more youthful appearance.  I am personally obsessed with a few brow products by Anastasia Beverly Hills. A must have is Anastasia's Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes.  I have talked about this product many times before. It contains a brow wax, brow powders, as well as, a highlighter and eyeshadow.  It even contains brow stencils, if you want to achieve that perfect brow.
#6.    Mascara and Matching Eyeliner
I personally use black A LOT, but matching your mascara with your eyeliner makes your lashes look fuller, because after 40 (unfortunately) your lashes get thinner.  I love Physician's Formula Organic Wear Black mascara and Jessie's Girl liquid eyeliner pen.

#7.    Blush
Blush is essential because it perks up the cheeks and also gives a lifting effect when applied properly. A good pink or peach blush is good for almost every skin tone.  One that I think goes well on anyone is Nars' "Orgasm".  I think that one is self-explanatory, LOL!
And last is #8......
A sheer, yet vibrant color on the lips.
This gives you a pop of color, as well as, moisturizes the lips to keep them kissable.  One I like and I believe would look great on anyone is Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in "Sorbet" (#053) This formula is almost like a tinted lip balm mixed with a lip gloss and lipstick all in one!

I hope that you found this information helpful, if you did, please consider checking out my YouTube channel, Mel's Makeup Mayhem! because it is chock full of info as well!  

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