Friday, September 19, 2014

What's the Deal with MAC Products?

How can I possibly call myself a Makeup Maniac, when I've never tried one product from MAC?  Honestly, I don't know what the deal is with me and MAC.  I have loved makeup and beauty products since I was in high school, yet I have somehow avoided this particular brand.
MAC is a brand that started in Canada.  The first MAC store opened in New York City in 1991.   Estee Lauder is it's parent company as of 1998. The brand was originally geared to be sold to makeup artists only, but then it branched out to the general public.  Many professionals continue to use MAC products for movies and theater.  A lot of men and women like MAC products, because most of the cosmetics' line is oil free.
Based on what I have seen at mall MAC counters, it seems like a very relaxed atmosphere.  There is always loud music.  The young men and women that work there always seem happy and nice; however, they are wearing so much makeup.  I mean A LOT of makeup.  I know they are showcasing the products and creating unique looks, but I guess I am simple. It all seems a little "over the top" to me.
So, I guess I have never given myself the opportunity to really get to know the MAC product line.  I am not against it at all, I just think that it's not something that excites me - not YET anyway.  I would never say never.
What is your favorite MAC product?  If I could only buy one thing from the line, what should it be?
Don't forget to check me out on YouTube people!  Mel's Makeup Mayhem! is waiting for you...You may just see me reviewing a MAC product (or 2) on the channel soon ;-)

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