Friday, September 19, 2014

Limited Edition Wet & Wild Eye Shadows!

So, these are two of the new, Limited Edition Wet & Wild Eyeshadow Trios and some swatches to show how the colors look on my skin.  Although I normally gravitate toward neutral colors, I decided to purchase these shadows because they are just irresistible.  If you don't already know, Wet & Wild Eyeshadows are pretty well-pigmented for being an inexpensive drug store brand.  Plus, these things are practically fool proof.  They actually tell you where to put each color.  The top color is labeled BROWBONE.  The middle color is labeled CREASE.  And the bottom color is for the EYELID.  Duh?
At first I felt as if they are geared toward the teen or young adult set, but for sheer amusement, I decided I would be daring and try these myself.  Now, I haven't actually used them yet, but when I do, I will be sure to share by posting.

The "Sun-Set to See" has a rich chocolate brown, as well as, an orange color alongside the off-white color.
The "Who's Carpooling?" has the deep aqua green, as well as, the royal blue alongside the white color.
What I noticed was the white and off-white colors are kind of chalky.  The brown, orange, green, and blue are velvety and pack a punch in the color department.  All of these colors are matte finish.
If you like the colors, I suggest you check them out, as they are well worth the $2.29 each that I paid at my local Walgreens.

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